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Excellent customer service
Great quality guitar case delivered on time excellent customer service

Brenda M.
Jul 2 2022

AG1 Red
Have had quite a few electric guitars. I'm still a lousy guitarist, but I can recognise a well-designed, well-crafted instrument - and this is one. Even if it had cost me £500 rather than an astonishingly low £130, I would have been thrilled with it. So far I've not noticed any cons, so here are the main pros.  Immaculate finish. Body colour is a beautiful deep cherry, flawless gloss finish. Satin finish on neck looks good as a contrast, and has optimum texture for friction-free hand movement. But, unlike some budget jobs that look as if the neck is bare wood, this has a definite professional finish,  Playability: out of the box, action was excellent. Frets are even and - in contrast to quite a lot of stuff out there - there are no sharp fret edges. Intonation also pretty well set. Neck shape is perfect as far as I'm concerned, and not too thick, not too slim. Matter of taste, I know, but I've got average sized male hands and have found some necks so slim they leave you with some spare hand and nothing to wrap it round. Finally, and crucially, the nut is 43mm, not the increasingly standard 42mm - which was the clincher for buying the AG1 rather than the AG100. That extra millimetre can be the difference between fluffed and clean chords.   Sound: it could be that, by the time I plugged it it in I was so taken with the look and feel of the guitar, that I was bound hear fabulous sound coming out of it. But then my partner commented on how classy it sounded. So, not an illusion: the sound is not merely hum-free and competent; it has that engaging extra dimension - musicality, for want of a better term. Machine heads efficient at maintaining tuning, with good solid feel.  Stress that this is an independent review - I just bought the guitar in the normal way. Still I can't think of a single negative thing to say. Oh yes, maybe the arrangement of the tone and volume controls is a bit unintuitive - top two knobs for neck pickup, bottom two for bridge pick up. But it's a piffling point, especially as the controls actually work very well.  All in all, can only congratulate Artist on a brilliant product which gives you a lot more than you pay for.

Jul 2 2022

Excellent quality and sound.looks great Epiphone equivalent would be at least double this price.set was perfect,tuned up and keeps in tune perfectly My go to guitar and beats my Fender Mod player Can't fault anything on this.bought 2 mths ago.Great Guitar

Jun 22 2022