Artist ADR522 5-Piece Drum Kit + Cymbals and Stool - Black

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About this Drum Kit

This is our 5 piece, full size rock drum kit.  It comes with everything you need to play straight out of the box, including sturdy double braced hardware, cymbals, a stool, even a pair of drumsticks!  Perfect for beginners from the ages of 10 and up.  For younger children we recommend the junior drum kit.  Check it out in our store.

This kit is constructed of 9 ply shell with a PVC wrap.


Tech Specs

Model:- ADR522


  • Drum shell: 9 Ply Poplar wood
  • Drum hoop thickness: 1.2cm
  • All drums include factory heads (thickness: 0.188mm) Bass front head comes with a hole pre cut.
  • Bass drum 22inchx14inch 6 lugs
  • Floor tom 16inchx16inch 5 lugs
  • Snare drum 14inchx5.5inch 8 lugs
  • Tom drum 13inchx11inch 6 lugs
  • Tom Tom 12inchx10inch 6 lugs


  • Straight Cymbal stand (Double Braced)
  • Hi Hat stand (Double Braced)
  • Snare stand (Double Braced)
  • Kick pedal
  • Stool (Double Braced)
  • All the drum hoops, lugs and bass drum claw hooks are black.
  • 2 x Alloy cymbals: 14inch Hi hat & 16inch Crash/Ride



Colour: Black