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Artist CB3 3/4 Size Classical Nylon String Guitar, Bag & Tuner

Artist CB3 3/4 Size Classical Nylon String Guitar, Bag & Tuner Artist CB3 3/4 Size Classical Nylon String Guitar, Bag & Tuner

Artist CB3 3/4 Size Classical Nylon String Guitar, Bag & Tuner


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Artist CB3 3/4 Size Classical Nylon String Guitar + Bag and Tuner

This pack includes:

  • Artist CB3 3/4 Size 36 inch Classical Nylon Sting Guitar - Natural
  • Artist BAG36 3/4 Classical and Acoustic Guitar Economy Bag (36 Inch)
  • Artist TN50 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Digital Tuner



Artist CB3 3/4 Size 36 inch Classical Nylon Sting Guitar - Natural

This is an ideal guitar for those wanting a good quality beginner guitar, but without the additional accessories that we normally offer with our beginner guitars. The nylon strings are easy on beginner's hands and it's 3/4 size will suit children between 8 to 13 years old (if you're looking for a smaller version look at our 1/2 and 1/4 range). Similar models retail for upwards of $139!

With a great sound to inspire you and a design specific to beginners, you'll breeze through the first stages of your playing.

Receive free exclusive access to video lessons when you buy this pack:

We are proud to offer you a series of online lessons designed specifically for beginning guitar students. This series of lessons was designed inhouse, to give you the best start to your musical career. This is what this lesson pack is all about - the stuff that nobody really tells you at the start of your guitar playing journey. Issues like holding the guitar, using a plectrum and some simple exercises to start you off.

So whether you're 7 or 70, take some time to check out the lesson pack and most importantly - be patient and have fun! Note that you would need to be logged into your Artist Guitar's account and you would have to subscribe to our Newsletter first to receive the link to the lesson program. You can UNSUBSCRIBE as soon as you get the link.

Here are the reasons why:

We use an Eco Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge. Most guitars of this price range use low-grade maple for the neck and paint it black to make it look like rosewood. Eventually, this will wear down and the black colour will fade away. If you look closely at our CL34 you should be able to see the grain - the Eco-rosewood looks brown, not black

It has a Practical String Action (all our guitars are set-up at the factory for optimum beginner playing level). String action is the measurement from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, and a guitar with too low an action will buzz and sound bad. Artist Guitars are set up at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

A Truss Rod that allows you to correct for the effects of weather on the guitar help keep the neck straight and the action height the neck can be adjusted. You will struggle to find a guitar at this low price with a truss rod.

Recommended by some of Australia's top guitar teachers (ask us about our free introductory guitar lesson).

Our price is always Lower Than a Retail Store (often by 30-40%). We keep our prices low by only selling our own range of guitars direct from the factory. Our business is built on offering a great value guitar at a great price.

Artist Guitars has been designing guitars for over 10 years and during this time we have developed a great working relationship with our factories to constantly improve the quality and value - we know how to get a great value guitar at a truly unbeatable price!

We include a range of Support Materials including how to tune, how to read tab, basic chord shapes and much more.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: CB3

Strings: Nylon

Body Size: 3/4 Size Classical 36''''

Wood: Laminated Basswood

Fingerboard: Eco-Rosewood

Fingerboard Radius: 102'''' (260cm)

Neck: Wood: Okoumen 3/4 Scale, 45mm ABS Plastic Nut, 20-22mm Thickness, Truss rod to keep your neck straight - No other guitar at this price has a Truss rod.

Bridge: Eco Rosewood with ABS Plastic Saddle

Frets: 18 frets, White Copper Frets, 1mm thickness

Bindings: 1 Ivory White Binding for Body (Front and Back) and Fretboard

Machine Heads: Gold/white Machine Heads

Decorations: Soundhole Rosette, Ivory coloured binding.

Colour: Natural

Optional Extras to fit this Guitar:

  • Bags - BAG36, HGBAG36



About this 3/4 Classic & Acoustic Guitar Bag

This economy model 3/4 classical and acoustic guitar bag suits 3/4 or 36'''' acoustic guitars. It has a pocket to put your strings and music, backpack straps and 5mm padding.

The Tech Features

Model: Bag 36

Suits: To suit a 3/4 or 36'''' Classical or Acoustic Guitars

Internal Dimensions: 93.5cm Long, 37.5cm Wide,10.5cm Deep (as its a bag these sizes are approximate)

Padding: 5mm

Features: Back Pack Straps for easy carrying

Accessories pocket Colour: Black



About This Tuner

This is a great little tuner for the price.  Some of the factors that make this tuner exceptional is the large solid read out, stable precise tuning, and the ability to track really well on low notes (tunes bass guitars really well). 

Will tune any guitar or bass and just about any instrument (It just needs somewhere it can clip on). It includes chromatic mode so you can tune to any note you like (including open tunings and de-tuning).

The Tech Features

Model: TN50

Style: Clip on Chromatic Tuner

Battery: CR2032 (included)

Colour: Black