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Artist EDK924M 9-Piece Electronic Drumkit with Mesh Drum Heads

Featuring the newest Electronic Drumkit from Artist! The Artist EDK954M is a 9-piece Electronic Drumkit featuring Mesh Drum Heads for the kick pad, snare, and 3 toms. With the new mesh heads, they give you a remarkably close feel and rebound similar to an acoustic drumkit.

The module features 240 different sounds, 10 preset drum kits, and 5 slots customized drumkits.  You can create your own monster drum kit!  In set up mode you can adjust the threshold, pad sensitivity, rim sensitivity, cross talk, and velocity curve.  These parameters let you customize the feel to your playing style.

The snare pad uses stereo a stereo input to allow double triggering  The Crash 1, Crash 2 and Ride Cymbals now also use stereo inputs to support choke function. The drumkit also offers recording and a coaching function to assist in learning and practice. The drumkit module can be connected to a PC for easy recording and also allows media devices to be connected for using backing tracks and playing along to your favorite songs.

The Tech Features

Model:- EDK260

The Kit includes:

  • 1 Dual-trigger snare pad
  • 3 Tom pads
  • 2 Crash Cymbal pads
  • 1 Ride Cymbal Pad
  • 1 Hi-Hat pad
  • 1 hi-hat control pedal
  • 1 Kick Drum trigger
  • Kick Pedal
  • Rack Mount System

Voices: 240 voices

Drum kits: 10 preset kits, 5 user kits

Display: LED display

Power Supply: AC adaptor(=9V)