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About This Cymbal Add-on Pack

Upgrade your drum kit with this ride cymbal and stand pack.  




About This Ride Cymbal

Artist cymbals are made using a combination of quality craftsmanship plus tried and tested lathing and hammering techniques to produce the best sounding cymbals at the fairest prices you'll find. They are made from quality Bronze which is 80% copper and 20% tin which are well mixed with a proper ratio. They undergo hammering by machine and had to control their thickness and remove the oxidation from them. You have to hear these to believe the quality.  

The Medium Series is a super versatile cymbal, great for a wide range of styles.  The medium thickness and unpolished lathing make for a classic cymbal sound that is bright, pure and expressive.  Perfect for all levels of play, beginner to expert.


The Tech Specs:

Brand: Artist

Model: MR20

Material: B20 Bronze (80% Copper & 20 % Tin)

Size: 20 inch



About This Straight Cymbal Stand

This is a good economy cymbal stand, great for adding on an extra cymbal to your existing drum kit.  It has a double braced tripod base (black) and a telescopic extender. The rod for the cymbal stand is silver

It's sturdy but lightweight and won't break the bank.


Tech Specs

Model:- JA016

Brand:- Artist

Legs:- Tripod, double braced

Height:- 80cm - 130cm