Artist JC400 Brown Arch Top Hard Guitar Case fits a ES335 Gibson

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Protect your Jazz Guitars From Damage with this Hard Case

This guitar case has been designed to fit a Gibson ES335, 345, 355 or similar, with the possible exception of some Epiphone models, like the Epiphone Casino's and the like, due to the longer head-stock.

Suits - Gibson 335 or similar (except epiphone versions), Ibanez AS93

This case is not suitable for the Gibson 'Dave Grohl' DG335 model guitar as it has a Firebird style headstock which makes the guitar too long for the JC400 case.

This Hard Case has sturdy wooden construction with a lockable Latch (the key is inside the case). It has a great little compartment for all your accessories and spare strings. It also has a small pad to support the body.

Note: This is not suitable for an ES339

The Tech Features

Model :- JC400

‰ÛÜBrand :- Artist

Colour :- Brown

Internal Dimensions :-

  • 107 cm Length
  • 58 cm Body Length
  • 29 cm Upper Bout
  • 42 cm Lower Bout
  • 10 cm Depth