Artist MS072 Small Straight Mic Stand with Solid Base


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About this MS072 Small Straight Mic Stand with Solid Base

This mic stand is perfect for use as a guitar amp mic, bottom snare or kick drum mic.  Also handy as a desk top mic stand.  The small but weighty base doesn't take up much floor space and the 'V' shape allows you to easily position around drum hardware or other mic stands.

The stand is hinged on the base so you can adjust the angle and to suit your needs.  The hinge can be tightened with a spanner or socket.

The stand itself is telescopic with a length ranging from 360 - 495mm (from the top of the base).

The cast iron base makes this stand extra sturdy, weighing in at 3kg (total stand weight is 3.2Kg). It has rubber feet so won't damage your floor or desk.


The Tech Features

Model:- MS072

Brand:-  Artist

Height Range:- 410 - 545mm (pointed upright from floor to tip)

Total Weight:-  3.2Kg

Mic Clip Thread :- 5/8'

Colour :- Black