Artist OH1012 12 Inch Drum Skin/Head Double Ply - Clear

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About these Skins

The OH series are oil-filled heads comprised of two free-floating plies of 7.5 mil (0.2mm) Dupont Mylar, giving them a durable quality without compromising brightness.


The Tech Features

Model :- OH1012

Type :- 12' Single Ply 2 x 7.5 mils (0.2mm) Dupont Mylar

Colour :- Clear

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Sound Characteristics of Drum Head Types

Double Ply
  • Less responsive
  • More durable
  • Less overtone, more note sustain
Sound focus ring
  • Allows the responsiveness of the single ply head but with reduced overtones.
  • Greater attack (the initial spike in volume when you hit the drum)
  • Earthy sounding and slightly muffled compared with clear heads.
  • Slightly reduced overtones.
Any of these heads can be used on top (batter) or bottom (resonant).  The choice is entirely up to the player, though generally coated heads are used primarily for batter heads.
  • For a rock sound with very little overtone, try double ply heads on top and bottom. This will be less responsive to softer playing because of the thickness of the heads - they need to be hit hard!
  • For a jazz sound, try the opposite - single ply top and bottom. This will be very responsive to soft and loud playing as the heads are thinner. It's important to note that using this set up will give more overtones and require more attention to tuning.
  • These are the two extremes, so setting you drum up with a combination of plys will give a sound somewhere in between the 'overtoney', responsive drum and a 'notey', phat sounding drum.
  • Snare drums are usually set up with a batter head on top and a very thin, clear head specially made for snare side. It needs to be thin to pick up the smallest of vibrations and transfer them to the snare wires.