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About This Artist Percussion Set

Buy in a pack and save! This Pack includes:

  • Bongos (6 & 7 inch)
  • Double Ring Tambourine
  • Cowbell (6 inch)



About This Artist Bongo Set

These are a great entry level Bongo set for you rip out some African and Latin rhythms. The larger size is a little boomier than our smaller model. 

Made using the traditional wood stave construction for the classic bongo sound!


Tech Specs

Model:- AZUL67

Sizes:- 6 and 7 inch.

Colour:- Blue Transparent



About This Tambourine

Black Single-Ring Half Moon Tambourine.  The perfect addition to any drummer's kit.  If you're playing live or planning to record, you can't go past the tambourine.


The Tech Features

Model :- ATB005

Jingles :-  7 Pairs




About This Cowbell

The Artist CWBL-6 is High Grade 6' Cow Bell designed to endure the heavy use in a range of styles for Latin to Glam Rock. 

It has a clamp for attaching to a percussion rack or cymbal stand.


Tech Specs

Model:- CWBL-6

Colour:- Black