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Artist WBS200 Solid Wood Weissenborn with Pickup

With the WBS200 we took our original WBS100 and made some nice improvements.

Firstly we added a piezo and magnetic preamp. The Cadic 3 preamp has a built-in chromatic tuner, 3 band EQ, Phase (phase can help reduce feedback)

The reason we added this preamp is wanted you to have the ability to get a natural sound (using the piezo) or a more dirty blues style tone from the magnetic pickup. You can also blend these both together to get any variation in between.

Then we changed the finish to a super light open pore (open pore means that the surface is very light and you can still see the grain in wood, as it uses much less paint than a gloss finish it allows the Weissenborn to resonant stronger and more clearly.

The last thing we changed was the machine heads, we changed these to a standard diecast for superior tuning (the old vintage style machine heads look great but they don't work as well as a modern diecast)

The same as our WBS100 this fantastic value Weissenborn is Built from All Solid wood for the ultimate tone.

SPECIAL NOTE - Weissenborn's can only tolerate certain tunings to avoid bridge, bracing and neck problems. String gauges can be  .014-.056  (.014, .018, .026w, .034w, .044w, .056w) allow G, D and similar tunings. The WBS200 is strung with D'Addario EJ26 strings

Your Weissenborn could be damaged by higher tunings or thicker strings (anything that adds extra string tension - ie tuning or heavier strings). The string tension should be no more than 165lbs at pitch.

The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model :- WBS200

Woods :- All Solid Sapele

Neck:- Wood - Sapele, 25' Scaler Length, 30-70mm Thickness

Fretboard:- Eco Rosewood, 50 mm Bone Nut

Frets:-  18 Frets

Bridge:- Eco Rosewood with Bone Saddle

Machine Heads :- Cadic 3 Preamp, Diecast Machine Heads


  • Body and Fingerboard:- Maple and Sapelle
  • Top:- 3.5mm Maple

Colour :- Open Pore (Natural with very light cover on the wood)

Strings:- D'Addario EJ26

Included Accessories:- Belcat Preamp, Ebony Strap Pins

Dimensions: -

String length (nut to bridge):  64cm

Guitar length:  96cm

Upper bout:  27cm

Lower bout:  40cm

Body Depth:   7.5cm