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speaker guitar lead
great company have used before goods arrived super fast  48 hrs will be buying from these guys fantastic

William 1.
Mar 5 2021

Bargain !!!
I ordered this lefty for a friend as a beginner guitar. I already own a lp60 and a cedar top electro acoustic from Artist so I was confidant the quality would be good. But at this low price point, I was expecting to have to re- cut the nut, lower the saddle and do the usual setup you expect from this price point. I was astonished when I unboxed it and found the nut was perfect , action was low, THE SOUND WAS EXCELLENT. Way above all expectations for this price point. Quality is excellent. Only problem is, Artist has a beginner 12 string, now I have seen the quality of their beginner packs and the excellent setup, I have added their 12 string to my wish list ( after I buy their semi hollow 58)!

Andrew G.
Mar 2 2021

Well worth the money.
Great value for money good quality item with plenty of story space inside well padded a lot of case for the price Go Get One And See.

Mar 4 2021