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Bass guitars come in lots of different flavours, but the two more commonly used ones are P-Bass VS J bass. We’ve written a really in depth article here which should help you decide which one you are more interested in, however here is a really quick explanation

The Precision Bass, or P Bass, was the first electric bass guitar to become popular and is one of the best selling electric basses, ever. A P bass has a split coil pickup which delivers the deep and warm tone a P Bass is known for. The P Bass has a wider nut than a J bass, which is a personal preference on which bass feels better. 

J Basses (Jazz Basses) were made as a deluxe version of the p bass. This bass features two single coil pickups, and 3 control knobs, resulting in a huge amount of tonal difference just in the instrument. 

The jazz bass is more versatile than a p Bass and is the best bass for slapping. 

This bass also has a smaller nut width, at approximately 38 mm, and usually, these basses are better for faster playing.