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Product Description

Caline G012 Python Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal

The Python Compressor by Caline adds the special hint of venom to your tone that you’re looking for! This versatile Compressor is as simple to use as it is effective, and offers a massive amount of tonal control for such a small package!

The G012 provides smooth, rich compression on your signal, with the Level and Sustain giving you great control over the output, the Python really shines due to the Attack and Clipping controls! These drastically change how the pedal reacts to your picking, with the Clipping control especially useful to fine-tune the overall compressed tone. 

This is the perfect always-on pedal, and is small enough to fit beneath most pedal boards so as not to use valuable pedalboard real estate!  

Caline’s G-series pedals are all powered by 9V centre-negative power supplies, and feature metal mini-enclosures with high-quality, textured control knobs, and awesome graphics!

The Tech Features

Brand: Caline

Model: G012

Controls: Attack, Clipping, Level, Sustain

Bypass: True Bypass

Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative (no batteries)

Current Consumption: 50mA

Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.4 x 3.4 cm / 4716” X 212” X 1516

Weight: 270g / 9.524oz