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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist GM1BARI Baritone Electric Guitar with Bullbuckers
  • 1 x Artist REC300RC Black Electric Guitar Hard Case With Lock



Artist GM1BARI Baritone Electric Guitar with Bullbuckers

By popular demand, our Artist Grungemaster has undergone a transformation: introducing our Grungemaster Baritone! The Grungemaster is one of our most popular models, and due to fantastic customer feedback and a huge amount of interest, we are proud to introduce the slightly-altered Baritone version! 

With the same Poplar body, Canadian Maple Neck and Eco-Rosewood Fretboard, this model of course features a longer, 27'' scale-length and new Dot inlays on the fretboard. We’ve chosen our very popular Bullbucker pickups for this guitar, and their broad, throaty response is perfect for lower frequencies. We’ve also altered the controls and control plate, and we’ve equipped a black pickguard to match the darker aesthetic of this gorgeous new Baritone model. 

The GM1BARI features a Chrome Stop-Bar Tailpiece, and the Bullbuckers are chrome-covered with the vintage-style machine heads completing the look. The longer scale length and sturdy construction make these guitars perfect for lower tunings, and Baritones are very popular for heavier genres. Plug in your favourite chorus pedal for those classic Robert Smith tones or crank your amp to max if you’re more of a Petrucci fan, the GM1BARI covers a lot of ground! 

The GM1BARI comes strung with 10-46 gauge strings. If you’d like to use lower tunings or drop-tune we would suggest using a thicker string gauge. Putting thicker strings on the baritone may require adjustments to the nut. The guitar features a dual-action truss rod and the adjustable bridge and saddles ensure this guitar can be easily set up for various low tunings. We also have resources on our site to help you with this, just reach out if you need any assistance!

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: GM1BARI

Neck: Canadian Maple

Scale Length: 27'' / 685.8mm

Fretboard: Eco-Rosewood

Body: Poplar

Machine Heads: Vintage Covered Machine Heads

Bridge: Chrome-coloured tune-o-Matic style, with 'Stop-Bar' anchor.

Pickups: Artist Bullbuckers

Controls: 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone and a 3-way switch

Colour: Black

Optional Hard Cases: REC300RC, REC350BK, REC350FTB



Artist REC300RC Black Electric Guitar Hard Case With Lock and Rounded Corners

This sturdy guitar hard case will suit most electric guitars like Strat's, Tele's and many other similar models. Its a sturdy decent quality guitar case.

Electric Guitars that will fit this case - Les Paul Junior, Strat's, Tele's, Jazzmasters and Jaguars, RG Style Ibanez, Super Strats like Jackson Soloist, Artist AG1, AG100, Artist Grungemaster. It will also fit our Artist PB34 3/4 Bass.

Electric Guitars that will NOT fit this case- Genuine Gibson & Epiphone SG's, Flying V's, Explorers, Dean ML & ZL, BC Rich or PRS

If you're not sure if your model will fit just email us with the brand and model and we will let you know the most suitable case we stock.

Made from strong laminate wood and covered in a thick vinyl covering. It's plush lined and comes with a large accessories compartment for storing all your leads, pedals, spare strings and accessories. The latches are chrome and the centre latch has a lock.

We have one of the largest ranges of guitar cases, so if this doesn't suit your model check out our other models, or contact us with the Brand and Model of your guitar so we can advise the correct model from our range.

The Tech Features

Model: REC300RC

Colour: Black

Weight: 5 Kg. / 11 lb and 0.4 oz

Material: PVC + Plywood

Internal Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 105cm / 41516
  • Body Length: 50cm / 20''
  • Width: 34cm / 1338
  • Depth: 7cm / 234