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Product Description

Caline CP-504 M-Fuzz Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

Based on a true classic, the Caline M-Fuzz is a must-have for fuzz fans! This is an homage to one the most famous fuzz pedals in history, and is capable of traversing saturated distortion with your guitar volume turned down, all the way through to a wall-of-sound style crushing fuzz when you turn up!

Instantly recognisable, the violin-like sustain soars as a lead tone, and for good reason it has been used on some of the all-time greatest rock song recordings. The richly harmonic fuzz overtones ring through with clarity when strumming a chord, but beware - with some serious volume on tap this pedal can blow down a brick wall! The subtle complexities of this fuzz leave plenty of room for exploration, and we recommend experimenting with humbuckers and single-coils to really experience what this pedal is packing under the hood. Paired with a slightly overdriven tube amp this pedal will blast through any mix with a doom-laden sonic attack that has to be experienced to be truly understood!

The CP-504 features true-bypass circuitry in a lightweight Aluminium Alloy casing, with simple and easy to use controls, and it is very responsive to your guitar volume and pick attack.

The Tech Features

Brand: Caline

Model: CP504

Controls: Volume, Sustain and Tone

Bypass: True Bypass

Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

Current consumption: 50mA

Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.4 x 3.4 cm (4716” x 212” x 1516”)

Weight: 270g (9.5oz)