What Plugs are used on your equipment

Author: Ian @ UK Artist Guitars   Date Posted:January 29, '21 

Artist Guitars currently sells in Four Countries, AU, NZ, USA, and UK

Because of this, we make different versions of all Artist Branded electronics. For example, Our EDK260 Kit Comes supplied in each country with an adapter that is made for your local market. This is one of the reasons we can't ship Items from Australia Internationally, as they are not made for the local market.

What plug will I get?

Below is a quick guide showing the different plug types for each country. When you buy Your item, it will come pre-supplied with the right adapter. It's important to note that not all Electronic items come with an adapter, for example, our range of guitar pedals do not have an adaptor Included 

What does the voltage mean?

The voltage is what your local country uses. We ship different products to each country, so whilst the amplifier and the speaker will be the same, The Transformer, built into the amplifier, will be different for each country. 

On some products, the voltage will say 100-240V. This means that the transformer can handle any of these voltages. If it says 120v, it can only be used in the US, or if 200-240, Uk, NZ, and AU only

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