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Product Description

Artist AMS6 Natural Headless Multiscale 6-string Electric Guitar

Similar to our AG78V2, our AMS6 has been developed with ergonomics, precision and premium quality in mind. The AMS6 is our first headless, fan-fret multiscale, 6-string electric guitar. Building off the success of our original AG78MS and using our customer feedback, we have created the AMS6 for improved performance and modern features, now as a 6-string!

The guitar features a 24-fret Techwood Fretboard over a Canadian Maple Neck. As a fan-fret multiscale guitar, the high e scale length is 24.75'' and the low E has a scale length of 25.5'', allowing for easy alternate tunings whilst maintaining string tension across the fretboard. The neck also has a 43mm bone nut and a dual-action truss rod, with top-end nut access for easy adjustability. 

The Mahogany body features a rear-mounted output jack and shaped ergonomic carve, and the guitar is exceptionally comfortable to play in standing or seated classical position. The twin black Bullbuckers are the ideal choice for expressive tone, with enough character to handle fusion and enough output for heavy genres also. With simple black controls and 3-way switch, this guitar is built for speed and reliability. We ensure tuning stability with our improved bridge and adjustable saddles, with new machine heads that allow easy fine-tuning.