Product Description

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This pack includes:

  • 8 x Artist MCD20XX 20ft (6m) Deluxe Mic Cable/Lead XLR-XLR



About this Lead

20ft/6M Balanced Deluxe Mic Cable with 2 XLR (sometimes called Cannon) connectors, suitable for using with Mics and PA systems.

This deluxe version has better connectors and a cloth-covered cable for greater durability.

If you want to plug a Mic into a PA this is the best cable for you. Our Mic cables are shielded, which helps protect the integrity of the signal.

The Tech Features

Model: MCD20XX

Type: Balanced Mic / Microphone

Length: 20ft / 6M

Connectors: XLR Male - XLR Female

Colour: Black

Wire Gauge: 24AWG