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Product Description

Artist TweedToneV 5 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier

The Artist TweedtoneV is a great addition to our Tweedtone line of amplifiers, known for providing tube -driven vintage tones at an affordable price. This five-watt tube amp is the perfect solution to low volume valve amplification and is perfect for achieving that natural break up/overdrive tube amps are known for.

It features a master volume and a presence knob, so you can blend in more high mids and treble to your tone. This will give you that livelier and raspier sound and also allow you to cut through the mix with clarity. It features a Boost switch for a little extra output boost, which comes in really handy when using low output pickups (Boost) or when using high output pickups (Normal). The beauty of the TweedtoneV is in its simplicity and ergonomic design. Anyone can flick this on and get a great tube amp tone, and it is very responsive to tweaking controls on the amp and your guitar.

The amp has a 5 watt RMS output through a high-performance Celestion G8C-15 Speaker.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: TweedtoneV

Output Power: 5w(RMS)

Speaker: 1 x 8 inch, 8 Ohms Celestion G8C-15 Speaker


  • Power Tube: 1 x 6V6
  • Preamp Tube : 1 x 12AX7

Control Functions:

  • Volume: Controls your main volume output
  • Presence: Boosts High Mid and High Frequencies
  • Boost/Normal Toggle Switch: Sets your output at normal or boost mode, allows for easier break-up
  • Power: Turns the Amp On/Off

Power Consumption: 35W

Dimensions: 31.4cm x 34.1cm x 18.2cm

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug